Pronto Process Services

Process Service


 We will handle all of your process serving needs at an affordable rate. No more calling all over the nation to find a process server.  We know who to call to get your paper served. ‚ÄčLet us do the work for you. 

Skip Tracing


 Shawn Wells is our in house skip tracer . If you are unable to locate a defendant we can find him. Billy Wells, who was also highly respected among his peers and spoke at many functions all over Texas in regards to skip tracing trained Shawn in his techniques. You can contact Pronto if you are interested in skip tracing.  

Other Services Offered


Rush Service

Record Retrieval
Courthouse Searches
Vacate Notices
Background Searches
Subpoena Preparation 

GPS Tracking


 Rent a GPS Tracking Device to keep up with your target. You'll never lose them again.  Only 3 seconds to magnetic mount our units. No wiring, no antennas, no confusion, 2 month battery life! Instant Internet locations and past history trails.

Notary and Courier Runs


Need a traveling notary or some legal documents delivered? Call us to see if we can assist you. 


 "Pronto Process is magnificent! My law firm has used them exclusively for over three years. Beyond the "routine" cases, they've helped me effect service of process in difficult cases both here in the San Antonio region and across the United States where the Respondent desperately was trying to evade process. Pronto got it done! Billy, Shawn and the whole crew are first rate! If you want the job done right, hire this firm! Jim Cramp, Managing Attorney, Cramp Law Firm, PLLC, San Antonio, Texas." 

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